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About Us

God bless you and welcome to our website! 

         Located in New York State's scenic Mid-Hudson Valley, New Day Tabernacle is a multi-cultural ministry birthed out of the will of God in the year 2001. We are a non-denominational ministry unhindered by the legalism of men, walking by the will of God to produce a spiritual atmosphere where the spirit of God has liberty to move freely, to establish the kingdom of God by using Godly principles.
 This ministry proclaims the word of God, which captivates individuals’ at all socioeconomic and educational levels with a simplistic yet profound approach for ministry today. As a result, the ministry continues to grow and souls continue to be saved and delivered as the power of God is manifested in our presence. It is our prayer to always stand on the Word of God without compromise.

 To God be all the glory forever. Amen.