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And God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness…” 

Bishop Christopher J. Hodge, a man created in the image of God and after his likeness. A true Man of God destined, determined, and dedicated to seek and save that which is lost through the preaching and teaching of the glorious gospel.  He  is a gift to the body of Christ. 

 In October 2000 being led of the Lord, coupled with the blessing of his spiritual father , Pastor Hodge was commissioned to begin a Bible Study Ministry in his home.  The virtuous woman in his life, Lady Karen Hodge has stood by his side since the birthing of his call faithfully serving and blessing the ministry as well as the entire body of Christ along with their two beautiful daughters.   A significant day for Bishop Hodge and Lady Hodge is February 18, 2001 when they were released to do the work of ministry, thus birthing an awesome movement of God…New Day Tabernacle.   The first Sunday Morning Worship Service was held in the Hodge home with 30 saints in attendance on February 25, 2001, a truly historic day.   The rapidly growing ministry caused the intimate living room setting to relocate to the basement allotting ample space for the many saints joining the ministry.   As time progressed the basement would no longer suffice for this thriving ministry.  The current edifice, is located at 38 Fire House Road,  Plattekill, NY it also includes an additional structure housing the New Day Tabernacle Food Pantry.  Ever learning and ever growing, the ministry has the New Day Tabernacle Learning Center is located next door to the main edifice.

Cognizant of its diversified community, New Day Tabernacle has an ESL program. 

Pastor Hodge established the New Day Tabernacle Covenant of Churches in 2007.   

Bishop Christopher J. Hodge continues to let his light shine before man so they may see his good works and glorify his father in heaven.  The churches under his tutelage, saints under his leadership, and members of the community are blessed and highly favored because of his obedience, faithfulness, and servitude.  Bishop Christopher J. Hodge a vessel of honor, an instrument of readiness, and A TRUE MAN OF GOD…